Hair Growth
Hair Growth

The DS Laboratories product range improves scalp health, maintains hair quality and promotes growth to provide a new level of hair care.

Environmental and chemical damage, stress, hormonal changes and ageing can contribute to thinning hair and hair loss in women. The tell-tale signs can start to become visible by the age of 30, with hair losing volume, shine, strength and elasticity.

As well as delivering cosmetic results to mask the signs of ageing the DS Laboratories range treats the scalp and follicle first, to promote a healthy growth cycle and glossy manageable hair

Its cutting edge hair-growth treatments combine science and technology with powerful ingredients to help grow hair that looks and feels its natural best.

Whatever your hair issue, DS Laboratories products nourish and hydrate, prevent and reverse damage, stimulate growth and protect from colour fade. Delivered in the forms of a shampoo (Revita), a conditioner (Revita.COR), and various leave-in products (the Spectral line), they contain powerful ingredients that will guarantee a healthy scalp, renewed growth, great density and radiant shine: the ultimate daily solutions for thick, healthy lustrous hair!

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