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MD Formulations
by Bare Eccesntuals

Our MD Formulations prescriptive facials are not only relax-ing, but are effective in the treatment of all skin complaints. Continue treating your skin at home with the glycolic prod-uct range and you will see dramatic results in no time at all.

Glycolic, a sugar cane derivative penetrates the epidermis to re-move dead skin cells. Glycolic peels are a proven treatment for minimising pores, anti ageing, sun damage, fine lines and prob-lematic skin.

Prescriptive Facials

Illuminating Facial
An exfoliating facial that is especially effective for the treatment of pigmentation and un-even skin tone.

It uses antioxidants and MD Vitamin C products, which help to combat the signs of age-ing and skin imperfections. It evens out skin tone & texture, revealing bright, hydrated & smooth skin.

Antioxidant Hydrating Facial
This facial is first aid for dehydrated skins, especially effective after holidays and flying.

An enriched moisture mask deeply hydrates the skin tissue by 700% in 15 minutes. The skin is left feeling comfortable, supple and replenished. Ideal for those thirsty parched skins. It smoothes fine lines and wrinkles by plumping through hydration.

Age Control
This facial is an ultimate Anti Ageing facial utilising high potency Vitamin A to repair and renew damaged skin.

By working beneath the skins surface this powerful mask diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation. The skin glows with vitality and youth.

Clearing Facial

This exfoliating facial works to clear and clarify skin impurities using a unique anti-bacterial action to help diminish skin breakouts, whilst rosemary helps to calm any in-flammation.

The Clearing Facial helps to calm any skin inflammation and diminish breakouts, leaving skin feeling clear and pure.

Extreme Care

This facial is designed to take heat out of stressed and sensitive skin.
The antioxidants restore calm to the skin, soothe inflammation and redness. A calming, soothing and rebalancing treatment ideal for Rosacea sufferers.

Glycolic Peels

Glycolic Peel
This facial is a unique treatment which eliminates dead skin build up to allow skin to glow with health, pores are deeply cleansed and impurities removed.
The skins moisture levels and natural collagen production are improved, resulting in a clear and bright complexion with firmed and toned contours. (Ideal for all skin types par-ticularly ageing and congested skins).

Alpha/Beta Peel
This facial is an enhanced rejuvenating treatment which includes Salicylic acid and a stronger concentration of Glycolic. This stronger combination swiftly and deeply removes dead skin build-up creating optimum skin health very quickly.

This powerful treatment allows the skin to shine with a new found radiance. Collagen production and moisture content of the skin is enhanced resulting in a plumper and younger looking skin. Gives your skin the ultimate double boosting by using the Age Lift Peel off mask. (Ideal for all skin types particularly sun damaged skin, acne, congested and pigmentation).